echoCTF.RED Instructions

Instructions on connecting and getting help

Connecting to the infrastructure

In order to connect to the infrastructure and be able to access the targets and gain points you need to connect to our VPN.

  • Install OpenVPN
  • Visit your Profile
  • Download your OpenVPN connection pack
  • Connect and start hacking openvpn autoconfig.ovpn
Keep in mind that openvpn command may require sudo


Υou earn points when you discover and claim ETSCTF flags. These flags can be found anywhere on the target system; in the form of files, variable names, database names etc. There are the most common you can find on the targets:

  • root: Flag under /root
  • env: Environment variable flags
  • system: Flags on system file (eg. /etc/shadow, /etc/passwd)
  • app: Application specific flags (eg. mysql database name flags, memcache keys etc)
  • other: For any flags that do not fit into the above categories.
You need to discover and claim all the flags from each system.

Besides flags, you can also gain points from findings, which represent remotely accessible services on the target system. Discovering the open ports of a system will award you points as well as provide you with some extra hints.

As you progress, new Hints will be made available for your consideration. Check your progress by visiting the page for target you currently working on, as it provides you with a list of the tasks you have completed and the ones still left to do. Any hints associated with the target will be displayed underneath the target description of each of the target pages.

Keep an eye at your notifications on top, as they may contain important information like target additions, spins (resets), removals etc.


The list of available targets is provided through the Dashboard. For each of the targets the following details can be found:

  • the name and IP of the target
  • the difficulty of the target
  • the number of flags and services
  • if the system is rootable or not
  • restart request and detailed view actions for each target
Please note that the targets are not allowed to connect to the internet. They can however connect to the IPs assigned to you by the VPN. Take special care when connecting to our VPN, ensure that you only allow connections by the targets you choose.


Don't be afraid to ask for help through our discord server.

Have fun!!!

This is not an instruction, this is a rule!!