a unique FREE online service by Echothrust Solutions

echoCTF.RED v0.13 codename Mycenae is the first iteration of our online service, based on our unique framework, for setting up and executing cyber security training, exercises and Capture the Flag competitions.

It is a FREE online service that offers a controlled environment, based on real-life systems and services, to train and sharpen your offensive and defensive security skills. Scan, brute-force and do whatever it takes to attack the systems and solve the real-life security scenarios to gain points. More information about our offline competitions visit

For who

  • Fresh on offensive IT security and want hands-on experience?
  • Already into IT security and want to sharpen your skills?
  • Or simply want to blow some steam off?
echoCTF.RED Mycenae is for everyone interested in security from entry-level students to seasoned security gurus.

How to play

All it takes to start hacking is to register and connect to the VPN

Good Luck and Happy Hacking!!!